Evolution and the Logical End

I have always been a creationist, but recently some implications of the evolutionary theory have begun to bother me. If we assume that evolution is a true theory there are some implications we must face.

First of all our country was founded on a statement in the Declaration of Independence that all men are "created" equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So for more than 200 years our country has operated on the premis that God created man and is the giver of rights, which means that the government could only protect rights - it could never give or take away those rights.

If we take "God" out of the picture we have a problem - now instead of God gives to people who consent to government we have only people and government. If people are "over" government that can easily lead to anarchy, and if government is over people that leads to tyranny. God is the balancing factor required for our republic to work. Having God in the equation allows us to be a balanced republic ... without him chaos is the inevitable result.

There is another problem as well, and a quite serious one. If evolution is true then as Darwin pointed out it is necessary for the survival of the fittest to be the governing principal as species continue to evolve. The continuing to evolve is the problem because it means that amoung men there are various stages of evolution represented, therefore all men are not only "not created", but they are also not equal! Equality amoung men comes from creation - in the world view of evolution men are animals and the "elite" or "more evolved" will overcome the "less evolved" because they are better, smarter, etc...

Survival of the fittest is a very scary concept ... it justifies actions of men like Hitler who were acting on the belief that their race was superior to others. It justifies various types of slavery and the existance of the "elite" who will naturally overcome the rest of the population. I refuse to accept a theory as fact, especially when it forces me to also assume that eithier I am superior to others, or they to me. The "elite" don't exist under creation, but under evolution they must.


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