The bridge between technology and the people it helps.

Randy is able to communicate just as easily with a computer system as he is with a businessperson he is trying to help. Randy bridges the gap between complex business problems and the latest advancements in technology to solve your business needs. This ability to explain things joined with his talent for programming makes him a great person to work with.

When Randy comes in to help on a project, He approaches it with a blank slate. He doesn’t try to fit every project into a mold. Each business has it’s own needs that can’t be solved by the same solution, so Randy comes in and talks to the people to find out the best way to solve each different need—whether it is something he has done in the past, or if it’s a new solution.

Randy’s proficiency in, C#, JavaScript (and many other technologies too numerous to mention) make him a valuable contributor to any project. Despite the fact that his clients are convinced that Randy sees the world like TRON, he comes across like a regular guy. When he steps out from the matrix, Randy is a true renaissance man. He writes, records, and produces music, spends time with his wife and two teenage daughters, and is also an active member of his church and community.

Even when he is paid to do a specific job Randy is interested in each individual business and knowing their needs to act as part of a team more than just fix things. While providing incredible web based solutions that do exactly what you need and desire them to do, Randy is more of a problem solver than simply a website builder.

“I care more about the reason behind it than the technology its self.”
Randy Krueger
Emmaus Road Productions


The tools of the trade

  • C#, VB, Javascript, JQuery, Silverlight
  • Visual Studio, Mono
  • Developer Express, LeadTools

Solution Consulting and Design Services

Contact us for help on any of the following

  • Web Application Development
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Windows Application Development
  • MAC Application Development
  • Linux Application Development
  • Web Site Design
  • Organic Site Optimization (SEO)
  • Vertical Solutions:
    • New Home Sales Solutions
    • K-12 Solutions for IT/Maintenance Management
    • K-12 Summer Registration On-Line (Alabama)
    • Small Business Receipt Management.
  • Mobile Application Solutions:
    • Windows Phone 7 Solutions
    • iPhone Applications
    • Mobile HTML 5 web applications.


“Randy is very detail-oriented and pationate about his work. The products he has produced for my company have been second to none.” -Jason Biggs


“As a developer that constantly interacts with web services, Randy is an absolute dream to work with. He is the kind of guy that know the importance of each role and strives to work in a way that always benefits other members of the team. I would recommend Randy to anyone looking for an experienced .NET developer.”
Jacob Williams


“Randy Krueger, founder of Emmaus Road Productions, has always been and will continue to be HIWAAY's number one recommendation for companies that are looking for web site development, database applications and template site work. When I refer my clients to Randy, I can rest assured they are being handled in the utmost professional manner. Over the years, HIWAAY's customers have had nothing but glowing testimonials of the web site development and work flow process of Mr. Krueger and Emmaus Road Productions. I would not hesitate to send any business, small or large, to Randy and Emmaus.”
Ches Allen


“Randy is a very knowledgeable and effective developer and consultant, and I highly recommend his services. The icing on the cake is that he's also just a nice guy to be around. For me integrity and trust are the deciding factors for whom I choose to do business with. Randy has both of those covered.” -Shane Ellis


“I have worked with Randy in numerous web and software design applications. He is currently working on two projects with us now. (3/08) He brings tremendous knowledge and creativity to the table. Randy is one of the most reliable and easy to work with people in the field. He will stay after and issue until resolved and not just quick fix it. He is honest enough to tell you like it is, diligent enough to work through your project to help you know exactly what you need and want and then make it happen.”
Ken Headley