Solution Successes

Build The System

This is a great example of SaaS (Software as a Service)

The real estate industry didn't have any good systems for handling new home sales where the agents are all posted out in new home communities, while the management is back at a central office.

Basically through extensive study of the industry we found that there were several key factors in converting "traffic" to "buyers" in this very specific sales setting. Most of these factors were simply based on properly following up with the prospective buyers

We created and continut to maintain a system that provides tools to each agent through a web interface to manage their leads and prospects as well as assisting in the conversion process to make them buyers. There are lots of "ticklers" to make sure that no potential buyer can easily go by the wayside.

As the agents use the system we are able to gather information to create reports for both the realtors, managers and ultimately the builder and developer.

Companies using this system are able to proactively give their builders and developers excellent reports on how the community is doing as well as what people are saying that may affect the development moving forward.

TA track

TA-Track was developed to solve the needs of educational institutions for managing their support systems.

While school districts have excellent software to manage student information, they don’t have any software to manage maintenance. We were able to design a system that uses the web to allow teachers to make their maintenance request, then the applications makes sure the requests get routed where they needs to go, following the request to its completion.

Since its conception TA Track has added modules including: facility maintenance, custodial services, and fixed asset management.

K-12 Summer Registration

In the state of Alabama the student management software doesn’t have a way to do online, paperless registration. We used the database to create a system allowing parents to enroll online and assist registrars to get that information back into their student management software.

Speed Arch

Speed arch was an invention that would really help the masonry industry, but the problem was that it was hard to describe on the phone. Mike needed a way to tell people about his invention, so we created a simple website to help people understand what the product was all about

Taylor Sales and Service

I love this story because it gets at the heart of addressing needs instead of just implementing technology.

Taylor contacted us with a need to design a web site to support their sales of food service equipment like soft server ice cream machines and chicken cookers. After meeting with their staff and reviewing their sales process they let me know that one of the hardest parts of making a successful sale was helping potential customers understand food costs.

In order to help these potential customers understand how their business would profit by adding new equipment and food offerings we created a profit calculator that would project their profits based on both the number of servings they thought they may sell each day, the cost of the raw material and the lease cost for the equipment.

Now on a very simple form a potential customer can "experiment" with various scenarios to see what kind of profit they may make.

City of Homewood

Homewood needed a way to give the press information from the 911 call center, without having the call center backed up with extra calls. We created an online police scanner that tapped into their online 911-call center computer and filtered down to the appropriate calls so that the press could get access they desired to the calls without disrupting the call center.



“Randy is very detail-oriented and pationate about his work. The products he has produced for my company have been second to none.” -Jason Biggs


“As a developer that constantly interacts with web services, Randy is an absolute dream to work with. He is the kind of guy that know the importance of each role and strives to work in a way that always benefits other members of the team. I would recommend Randy to anyone looking for an experienced .NET developer.”
Jacob Williams


“Randy Krueger, founder of Emmaus Road Productions, has always been and will continue to be HIWAAY's number one recommendation for companies that are looking for web site development, database applications and template site work. When I refer my clients to Randy, I can rest assured they are being handled in the utmost professional manner. Over the years, HIWAAY's customers have had nothing but glowing testimonials of the web site development and work flow process of Mr. Krueger and Emmaus Road Productions. I would not hesitate to send any business, small or large, to Randy and Emmaus.”
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“I have worked with Randy in numerous web and software design applications. He is currently working on two projects with us now. (3/08) He brings tremendous knowledge and creativity to the table. Randy is one of the most reliable and easy to work with people in the field. He will stay after and issue until resolved and not just quick fix it. He is honest enough to tell you like it is, diligent enough to work through your project to help you know exactly what you need and want and then make it happen.”
Ken Headley